Toyota Land Cruiser Turns Into Ultimate Armored Off-Roader With Inkas Upgrade

Toyota Land Cruiser Turns Into Ultimate Armored Off-Roader With Inkas Upgrade

Inkas armored vehicles come decked out with a bonkers list of safety features. The company’s latest creation takes the armored Toyota Land Cruiser 76 series it already offers and builds a new Expedition Spec.

The Toyota’s up-rated off-road goodies include various parts to support almost any adventure. Inkas increased the underbody protection with an in-house engineered skid plate that doubles as a blast protection shield.

Other upgrades include a powered winch, a heavy-duty roof rack, a custom brush bar, and a heavy-duty suspension, which allows for a smoother ride and an increased payload capacity. The tuned Land Cruiser also gets the company’s upgraded reinforced door and doorframe design with heavy-duty hinges.

The Land Cruiser doesn’t look all that different from your typical overland vehicle, but a closer inspection reveals the added ballistics protection. The Toyota features an impressive armor rating of BR6 around the passenger cell that can deflect an assortment of high-powered rounds. The protection system includes a minimum of 0.3-inch thick ballistic steel and multi-layer glass.

All that safety is hidden behind the aesthetic created by the rugged roof rack, snorkel, winch, and brush bar. The thick windshield frame is one of the more noticeable aspects of the SUV’s extra armor.

The Land Cruiser 76 from Inkas features a 4.5-liter diesel V8 making 206 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque. It has an all-wheel-drive system with a five-speed manual routing the engine power. Additional safety features added protection for the battery and electronic control module, interior and exterior video surveillance, and run flare devices.

Inkas offers its Land Cruiser Expedition Spec with an assortment of optional equipment. Customers can add a fire suppression system, emergency lights, driver-controlled remote locking, a lightweight armoring package, and more.

Not only can you get the company’s stellar bulletproof and blast protection, but now you can take that with you nearly everywhere. The upgraded suspension and 130-liter (34.34-gallon) fuel tank should be able to take the Toyota just about anywhere in the world while keeping its occupants safe from danger.


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