Saleen Teases Tuned 2024 Ford Mustang For Car's 59th Birthday

Saleen Teases Tuned 2024 Ford Mustang For Car's 59th Birthday

The original Ford Mustang was introduced on April 17, 1964, which means the pony car turned 59 just two days ago. Saleen, the California-based tuning firm and manufacturer of specialty high-performance sports cars, was among the first to congratulate the iconic sports car for its birthday by releasing the first teaser image of its own Saleen Mustang based on the S650 generation.

While we only have a single rendering showing the vehicle’s side profile, we can already tell Saleen has prepared some substantial changes to the pony’s design. Starting with the front fascia – as far as we can see – it will be heavily redesigned, gaining new headlights, a new grille, a new bumper, and a new lower bumper lip. The result appears to be a more aggressive overall appearance from the front but we will have to wait until the final product is released to give our verdict.

At the back, the changes aren’t so significant, though there’s a new bigger spoiler attached to the boot lid. The Mustang’s C-shaped rear fascia retains its overall shape but receives a new bumper with a modified diffuser and different exhaust tips. All that is combined with new five-spoke wheels with lower profile tires, hiding orange brake calipers matching the car’s exterior finish. 

The visual upgrades won’t be the only improvements the Mustang S650 will receive, though. Saleen announces its plans to offer three power stages for its tuning package, starting with the so-called White Label with a minimum output of 500 horsepower, followed by the Yellow Label with a minimum of 750 hp. The range-topping version will be the Black Label with a power that exceeds 800 hp, though this is everything Saleen is ready to share regarding the specifications so far.

Last but not least, there will also be a modified suspension with components from Racecraft. Stopping power will come from bigger brakes, while the tweaked exterior should bring aerodynamic improvements. The interior, in turn, will feature a completely individual design. More details are expected soon so stay tuned.


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