GM Design Shares Sketch Of SUV With Curious Camaro Styling Cues

GM Design Shares Sketch Of SUV With Curious Camaro Styling Cues

GM Design is the official account for the General Motors Design studio on Instagram. We often see cool sketches of concept vehicles posted on the channel, some looking like wild ideas with others clearly rooted in reality. We don’t know where this particular image of a burly SUV stands, but it certainly has our attention.

Being a design sketch, proportions are overexaggerated but there’s a clear similarity to the Chevrolet Traverse with its overall design. The C-pillar is a dead giveaway, and roof rails look similar to those we’ve seen on camouflaged prototypes for the next-generation model. We wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking this is a stylized preview of the new Traverse, or at the very least, an early design proposal.

That said, let’s step outside the box for a bit. There are some features here that allude to the Chevrolet Camaro, notably the rear. Quad taillights – albeit thin – are too significant to ignore. Technically speaking, the Camaro’s lights are a single housing molded to look like two fixtures per side, but they are far more prominent than Chevrolet’s other performance car, the Corvette. We also have narrow windows, which could merely be a side-effect of this being an exaggerated concept sketch. But the Camaro is notorious for its narrow windows, and we certainly get that impression here.

And then we have the D-pillar. It’s not a Camaro feature, but it’s also not a feature of the Traverse. The current model has glass side windows that run all the way to the back, and based on what we’ve seen from spy shots, the new model will retain that style.


The timing of this social media post is also interesting. Just a few weeks ago, Chevrolet announced Camaro production would end with the 2024 model year. Moreover, the automaker had nothing to say about a successor but promised the Camaro’s story wasn’t over. Meanwhile, rumors of General Motors creating a Camaro sub-brand for Chevrolet have been quite active, pointing to a future where a sporty Camaro two-door could be joined by an SUV. Perhaps like the one seen in this GM Design post? That’s the million-dollar question.

Being an official GM account, we know there won’t be accidental leaks of future models. But sharing concept designs resembling future vehicles could certainly be a way to gauge interest from the public before going forward on something final. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for both the Camaro and Traverse.


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